‘Fire Tony La Russa’ Chants Break Out At White Sox Game

Things haven’t gone according to plan for Tony La Russa and the White Sox this season.

Coming into the year, the fans on the South Side of Chicago had championship aspirations, but at this point the club would be lucky to sneak their way into the postseason.

As they’ve battled injuries and inconsistent play all season long, the Sox currently stand at a disappointing 26-30 on the season, and fans have completely turned on veteran skipper Tony La Russa.

It seems like everyday brings a new criticism of La Russa’s lineup card and in-game managerial decisions. And finally, fans have become restless in the ballpark as well. On Saturday, the Sox faithful at Guaranteed Rate Stadium even started chanting “fire Tony” as the team was suffering another loss.

Check it out:

Tony La Russa appears to be on the hot seat, being as it was a questionable decision in the first place to bring in a guy of his age coming off a DUI arrest prior to last season.

But at the end of the day, it’s hard to pin all of the Sox’s struggles on La Russa. After all, they have a plethora of players either hurt or underperforming all throughout their roster.

It seems like there’s a very real chance Tony La Russa gets canned mid-season, but in the meantime, Sox fans will just hope they can turn the corner before the All-Star Break.

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