Jazz Chisholm’s Teammates Sick Of His ‘Dennis Rodman’ Act

Miami Marlins infielder Jazz Chisholm is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players in all of baseball. But perhaps that comes at a cost.

This week, the Marlins held a team meeting after manager Don Mattingly called out their ‘flat’ performances. And apparently a lot of shade was thrown Chisholm’s way during the closed-door affair.

According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, Marlins players have been getting fed up with Jazz Chisholm’s antics, comparing him to a modern-day Dennis Rodman.

Per The Post:

“But Chisholm turned out to be the subject for criticism in the team meeting, according to sources, as teammates apparently aren’t always as enamored as fans who love the style and sizzle.

One person, who suggested teammates may be “jealous,” said, “Jazz is like Dennis Rodman. He will always be a lightning rod. But he works and plays hard.”

If this story is accurate, it makes the Marlins players criticizing Jazz Chisholm look incredibly bad.

The guy is easily one of the best players on your team, and the flair and antics should be welcomed wholeheartedly in this day-in-age.

But at the end of the day, being “Dennis Rodman” isn’t all that bad. And I’d expect Jazz Chisholm to keep doing him.

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