MLB Umpire Dan Bellino Receives Heavy Backlash For Instigating Madison Bumgarner Confrontation

Veteran MLB umpire Dan Bellino clearly has a grudge against Diamondbacks pitcher Madison Bumgarner, because the confrontation he two had on Wednesday was like something we’ve never seen before.

After arguing some balls and strikes during the inning, an already-heated Bumgarner went over to Bellino for his substance check.

When Dan Bellino spent an awkward amount of time starring down Madison Bumgarner while checking his hand, the veteran left-hander lost his mind.

After the encounter with Madison Bumgarner, Dan Bellino was getting ridiculed all over social media.

Madison Bumgarner took the high road when speaking on his encounter with Dan Bellino after the game.

“You guys have seen the video,” Bumgarner said to ESPN. “I don’t know if I could say anything that would make the situation better. What I am going to say is I’m extremely proud of our team, coming back. Obviously, I didn’t go into the game with the intention of throwing one inning. Everyone picked me up today.”

The umpire was also quoted saying he was just doing a ‘hand check’. But after looking at the video, it’s easy to see that Bellino is lying through his teeth.

“I wouldn’t say he took exception to it. It was just a hand check,” Bellino said.

Luckily for Madison Bumgarner, his Diamondbacks would come back to win the game 8-7.

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