Madison Bumgarner Had to be Restrained After Getting Hand Checked for Sticky Stuff

Day baseball games often get overlooked, but every so often something out of the ordinary happens worth mentioning.

No one likes to be accused of cheating, definitely not Diamondbacks pitcher Madison Bumgarner, who lost it after he was hand checked by first base umpire Dan Bellino. He was subsquently thrown out of the game after he completely erupted on the Ump.

Clearly MadBum wasn’t a fan of what the Ump was saying to him while he was checking for sticky substances.

Bumgarner had to be restrained from going after Bellino.

Umps are always going to puff out their chest when they make an accusation, and pitchers like Madison aren’t fond of them to begin with. But to have someone bascially call you out in a public forum for cheating is usually a recipe for disaster.

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