Angel Hernandez’ Latest Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Revealed

Controversial MLB Umpire Angel Hernandez is making his own call.

The longtime MLB umpire alleged in legal filings with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals that Major League Baseball “manipulated its internal umpiring metrics to disadvantage minorities, thereby excluding them from becoming crew chiefs,” according to a report by  The Athletic.

The 60-year-old umpire, who began working in the majors in 1991, claimed that MLB has continuously discriminated against minority umpires, holding them  back from ultimately making them crew chiefs.

A crew chief supervises the other umpires in his crew and acts as a liaison between them and the league offices. There are 19 umpiring crews that contain four umpires, therefore there are only 19 crew chief positions available in MLB.

Via the Lawsuit:

“The District Court also failed to give appropriate weight to evidence of MLB’s disparate treatment of Mr. Hernandez, including evidence that MLB was manipulating the performance of Mr. Hernandez and other minority umpires to make their performances look worse.”

Plenty of independent analytics sites have confirmed that Hernandez is a below-average umpire, at best.

This is the second time in which Hernandez has tried going after MLB in court. He filed a discrimination claim back in 2017, but a lower court threw it out in March 2021.

When an ump is  as bad as Hernandez, it’s hard to trust his judgement on anything.

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