Breaking: Tiger Woods Arrives At Augusta National To Make A Push For The Masters

The Tiger Woods-Maters buzz has officially gone to a whole another level.

On Monday, it was reported that Woods was walking golf courses around his Florida home to see if his surgically-repaired leg can withstand the task of walking Augusta National to make his long-awaited return at The Masters next weekend.

Today, the flight trackers were out in full force to recognize that Tiger Woods’ private plane was en route to Augusta to try to push his leg up and down the notoriously-hilly course.

When hosting his Genesis Tournament earlier in the season, Tiger Woods was asked about a timetable for his return to competitive golf. And while he remained vague, Tiger said his body was no where near where he wanted it to be.

“I have a long way in the rehab process of this leg, and it’s not the fun stuff of the rehab,” Woods said at the time. “It’s just reps and breaking up scar tissue and things that really hurt. So that part of it’s not going to be fun, but the challenge of it is. I enjoy the challenge of getting in there and trying to push it to the next level; sometimes it’s two steps forward, one step back, but you’ve got to go through it. I enjoy that part of it, and maybe one day it will be good enough where I can get out here and I can compete against these best players in the world again.”

Shortly after the buzz about the flight hit the web, video of him arriving in Augusta surfaced over social media.

Tiger Woods is set to play a practice round today before gauging whether or not it’s anywhere near realistic that he could give it a go for (potentially) four straight days.

Hopefully we get more information on how the practice goes Tuesday.

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