Zach Wilson’s Mom Says The Quarterback Offered Her Money To Take Down Instagram Page

Zach Wilson’s mom, Lisa Wilson, has been all over social media since the NFL Draft.

At first, it was because of her looks. But after a while it turned into a page where Lisa would just rant at her haters after she was outed for conservative political views, along with having some other issues with COVID protocols.

After heavy backlash, Lisa Wilson changed her Instagram to private. But that doesn’t seem like it was enough for Zach Wilson.


According to Lisa, Zach Wilson offered money to take down her social media page.

“People out there that think I embarrass my son. Has he asked me to take down my social media? He has before…and he says if it’s about money, mom, I’ll give you money,” Lia Wilson said.

“He says, mom you don’t embarrass me but I can’t stand people treating my mom like crap.”

While Zach Wilson’s mom claims that he only wanted her to take down the page because of how she is being treated, I’m not so sure.

Zach seems like a smart kid. And he has to know that New York media will continue to eat his family up if his mom continues to be extremely loud about all her beliefs.

Zach Wilson hasn’t even taken a snap as the quarterback of the New York Jets. He probably wants to keep the stories about him exclusively about what he does on Sundays. At least for the time being.

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