Have No Fear, Tom Brady Has Solved The COVID-19 Pandemic With His New $45 Immunity Supplement

Tom Brady tweeted the exciting new VitalFit “Protect” product on his TB12 site with some questionable claims on the order page for the $45 product:

The perhaps shadily timed product was immediately met with varying degrees of disdain on Twitter:

And of course, Pats fans somehow found a way to make this about themselves:

Maria’s gonna simp for Jarrett Stidham so hard.

But while many question Brady for the release of the product that may prey on the misguided beliefs of some of his dumber followers, I can’t knock the hustle. When you’re a 42-year-old QB who looks better than he did in his 20s after winning countless Super Bowls, you’ve got to capitalize on it. Especially if this Tampa Bay offense helps him put up better numbers despite his advanced age. Perhaps lightly deceiving people during a global pandemic seems shady but is it any shadier than Instagram models who pretend that using a medieval corset on your waist will make you look like a real life Jessica Rabbit as they do? Or meal prep companies where the food is somehow more than it would be for you at a grocery store and just as incompetent?

So no, I won’t turn on Tom Brady nor question anything he does. Will he cure COVID with his likely snake oil product? Probably not. But as a superstar QB for decades who’s married to a billionaire supermodel, Tom Brady deserves some slack. Cue up the finest COVID placebo supplements and lip balms for making out with your son, we’ve got work to do.

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