World Famous Pat Lyons No-Look Poker Hand, Calls All-In Blind Because He’s On Camera

Self-proclaimed “World Famous” poker player Pat Lyons had quite the hand played while he took a quick interview on camera during the 2021 WSOP Main Event.


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The World Series of Poker Main Event is currently taking place in Las Vegas as thousands of people compete for one of the most prestigious bracelets in the world. Pat Lyons, who has accrued some decent scores in his day had quite the interview with a CBS reporter who came to talk to him during the tournament.

The reporter came over to chat about how Lyons’ Main Event experience was going. Lyons then proceeded to say how he was fine to keep the interview going while he played the hand quickly as he would just play it blind, leading to a raise by Lyons. The $12,000 blind bet raise then was met by an all-in from another opponent to which Lyons then called, once again, begin completely blind, not knowing his cards.

The rest of the hand was history as he hit runner-runner flush cards to knock out the other opponent in style.

Clearly if you’re the guy that just got knocked out of the WSOP Main Event by a lunatic who called your all-in blind, there’s no way you’re too happy. Mind you, this is a $10K entry fee.

These are the type of people you truly love to hate at the poker table. The ones who are extremely cocky, reckless, and just plain old lucky all wrapped in to one annoying person.

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