Virginia State University President Goes Viral for Taking Student To School In Basketball Clip

The President has some skills. A Virginia State University student met his match when the president of the University showed up during a basketball challenge. A video going viral on Twitter shows graduate student Afolabi Oyeneyin shaking off one person after another with the ball. VSU President Makola Abdullah proved he’s got game when he steals the ball, bounces it off Oyeneyin’s head and then crosses him up.

Watch below:

“I knew it was going to be big,” Oyeneyin told local station WTVR. “But this is insane, to be honest. I’ve never seen that happen before. People are seeing it from all over the world.”

Abdullah appeared to enjoy the exchange, tweeting, “You already know it’s all love. I can’t wait until everybody is back on campus.”

Pretty cool moment, definitely the kind of viral video you love to see.

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