Sister Jean Puts Kentucky On Blast For Missing The NCAA Tournament

Sister Jean and Loyola-Chicago are back in the big dance looking to punch their ticket to the final four once again. If you haven’t heard of Sister Jean before, she is making a big name for herself now. The 101-year-old superfan and team chaplain of Loyola is back in a bigger way than ever. Sister Jean (full name Jean Delores Schmidt) spoke with members of the media and delivered a knockout blow to John Calipari and the Kentucky basketball program.

“I filled out my bracket,” Sister Jean said Tuesday. “I may change it before I go down there. I don’t see Kentucky any place.”

Oof. Take that Kentucky. Kentucky missed the tournament for the first time since 2013 and had its fewest wins as a program since the 1926-27 season. In other words, the last time Kentucky had this bad of a season, Sister Jean was a seven-year-old. If anyone has the right to put Kentucky on blast the way she did, it’s Sister Jean.

Sister Jean is proving to everyone that she is a bonafide savage. I highly doubt there will be anyone else over 100 in attendance at the NCAA Tournament. The last time Sister Jean was in attendance for the NCAA tournament Loyola made their miracle run to the final four. They eventually lost to Michigan, however, it was one of the greatest runs the NCAA Tournament has ever seen.

Can Sister Jean will Loyola-Chicago to another Final Four? Your guess is as good as mine, but I know one thing. You better stay out of her way. This year she is out for blood. And if you don’t know her yet, you better learn her name.

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