Tony Dungy Stands By His Initial Backing Of Jon Gruden

When the first racist email was leaked from Jon Gruden’s account last week, Tony Dungy went out on a limb to defend his longtime friend.

“I’m not gonna chalk everything up to racism. I think we accept his apology, move forward and move on just like he did with this team,” Dungy said at the time.


After Tony Dungy was heavily criticized for his take on Jon Gruden, he sent out a series of tweets to try to explain himself.

Tony Dungy clearly believes there should be a road back for Jon Gruden, even after he turned in his resignation and has been condemned by nearly every sports voice over the last 24 hours.

Unfortunately for Gruden, I don’t think Dungy is right about this one.

When the latest emails got released, they may as well have been a one-way ticket to an early retirement.

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