Tim Tebow Reacts to Former Teammate Demaryius Thomas’ Passing

Tim Tebow will forever be linked to former NFL receiver Demaryius Thomas. If you can remember the play, it was one of the most exciting plays in NFL playoff history. It was peak Tebow time.

Tebow made an appearance on First Take this morning to remember his friend and former teammate.

“I think we all know how gifted DT was on the football field but that was not his greatest gift — his greatest gift was the joy he brought to life,” Tebow said.

“I had a chance to talk with [former Broncos WR] Eric Decker this morning and we were reminiscing on our great times together with DT and the one thing we kept coming back to was how when he would walk in a room, he made the room brighter.

“He made the room better — not because of what he did on the football field, but because of his smile, his kindness, because of his joy for life, because his love for people. I want us to remember him, but I want us to honor him, by when we have a chance to go live out our dreams and what we do to bring that same joy, love and kindness for people.

“That’s the way I’m going to remember DT, and that’s the way I think so many of his friends and family will remember him as well — as someone that loved people, as someone that brought so much joy, as someone that when they walked in a room that room got brighter and better because of DT. We will love him and miss him dearly.”

Tebow and Thomas won the 2012 ESPY award for Best Moment for that legendary TD.

Before Tebow’s First Take tribute to Demaryius Thomas, Tim took to Twitter to speak on Thomas’ passing:

“Woke up and saw the really devastating news about my teammate and friend, Demaryius Thomas. So many are going to remember him for his athletic ability… but I’ll be remembering him for his kindness, his smile that would light up a room, and the love he had for those in his life.”

Clearly Demaryius Thomas will be missed.

RIP legend.

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