The Raiders Explain Their ‘Controversial’ First Round Pick Alex Leatherwood

With a name like Alex Leatherwood,  you can’t possibly be a good football player, can you? Raiders GM Mike Mayock knew he’d have people questioning him after the Raiders selected offensive lineman Alex Leatherwood with the 17th overall pick. And according to the general manager, he isn’t too worried about all the detractors of his selection.

The Raiders GM explained his pick:


“We knew it would be controversial,” Mayock said, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We completely understand that.”

According to Mayock, Leatherwood became one of Cable’s favorite draft prospects immediately after watching his tape. The rest of the staff felt the same way after studying him as well.

“Coach Cable has been all over him for months now,” Mayock said. “(Jon) Gruden loved this guy. Our scouts loved this guy. And what I like is, when the second floor in our building, which is all the coaches, and the third floor, which is all the scouts, when we’re united on a conversation like Leatherwood, that makes me feel really good about the pick.”

“He was the highest-rated player on our board at that time, offense or defense,” Mayock said.

Mayock also noted the Raiders have a plan set in place already.

“He can play inside and outside, but he’s going to start for us at right tackle Day 1 and we’re going to see if he can hold on to that job,” he said.

Leatherwood  was considered a first-round “reach” by NFL analysts.

No one gets too excited when your team drafts an O-Lineman in the first round.

Raiders nation must be scratching their heads.

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