The Marquette Alum Team Who Won The $1 Million Basketball Tournament Put Up A Hell Of A Bar Tab Afterwards

The Basketball Tournament. better known as TBT, wrapped up with Marquette’s Golden Eagles Alumni picking up the win and $ 1 million. Former Marquette player Travis Diener, who hit the game-winning shot in the TBT Championship game, promised he’d pick up a Wisconsin bar’s tab if the team won the big prize:

And it seems like he immediately came through:


A) As someone who’s lived the majority of my life in New York City and Los Angeles, this bar tab brings me both joy and agony. $4.50 for whatever that “Rail Pint” was and just $3 for bomb shots added on top? The $4 per hard seltzer feels like a bit of a reach relatively but Wisconsin stays thriving.

B) You have to love this move from Travis Diener. He’s already a local legend after his stint at Marquette. And his first move is to go back and get anyone and everyone at the local watering hole completely sauced. There are a ton of ways to waste money when you win a cut of that $1 million prize but this is very much one of the most down to Earth ones. It kind of feels like a scenario that would lead to him meeting the love of his life who left him in high school in some sort of Reese Witherspoon movie that ropes people in by acting like it’s a sports movie.

Also, the reaction by Travis Diener’s dad to his game-winning shot shows how likable the whole family is:

It’s hard to like the family of a guy who bought out all the booze in a bar more than I already did. But this Diener family really came out of TBT smelling like roses. Easily the top Wisconsin family in my personal power rankings.

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