The 10 Funniest Tweets About Leonard Fournette Getting Cut

Think back to January 2018 for a moment. Remember what life was like in Jacksonville, Fla. After years of tarping half the stadium because they couldn’t fill it and rumors of them moving the team to Los Angeles or London or Mars just to get it away from human eyes, they actually had a good team. Even with Blake Bortles at QB, which should earn them double credit. Leonard Fournette re-defined “carrying the load.”

They just won a playoff game to make the AFC title game, and life was good. They had a big task ahead of them to get to the Super Bowl: Tom Brady’s New England Patriots. It wasn’t an impossible thing, they just needed to not do anything stupid that would screw it up …

Oh no.

Well, when the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS are guaranteeing Super Bowl wins, the football gods aren’t going to be happy. And they weren’t.

Not only did they not win the Super Bowl, they didn’t even win the AFC title game (although Myles Jack might have something to say about that).


Fast forward two years later, and Jalen Ramsey isn’t even on the team any more. Nor is A.J. Bouye. Nor is Allen Robinson. Nor is Yannick Ngakoue. Nor is basically anyone with talent. Blake Bortles is even gone.

And now … the crowning touch, so is Leonard Fournette. They didn’t even trade their former No. 4 overall pick, they just straight up cut him. And the internet let them have it:


At least the Bears took Mitchell Trubisky assuming they’d have years to develop the No. 1 predraft QB. The Jaguars had a championship defense and Blake Bortles … and took a RB. And not even the best one, considering they took Leonard Fournette and could’ve had Christian McCaffrey or Dalvin Cook.

Yikes. Have fun in 2021, Trevor Lawrence.

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