Derek Carr’s Reported Salary Demands Have Been Revealed

Derek Carr is looking for a raise.

Heading into the offseason, Raiders QB Derek Carr is looking for an extension, and with quarterbacks around the league getting paid, Carr is trying to get himself paid, as well.

Carr sees his value compared to others, and in a numbers-driven league, he’s ready to plead his case to make some more money.

According to reporter Vincent Bonsignore, Carr hasn’t spoken to the Raiders about a raise just yet, however, he is seeking north of $40 million a season.

See the report below:

Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders had a very good season with all things considered.

The Raiders made it to the playoffs and while they were beat out by the Bengals, it was clear that they have a solid nucleus.

Carr probably isn’t worth $40 million a year, but let’s be honest, outside of a very few elite QB’s, no one is.

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