Pelicans Give An Official Update on Zion Williamson’s Status

When is Zion Williamson returning to the court?

The New Orleans Pelicans gave fans an update on Zion Williamson today.


Unfortunately it’s not so great.

Zion has been told to go rehab away from the team. Just about a month ago, Williamson was told he could participate in basketball activities, however, he has since hit a setback.

“Since we notified everyone on December 16 of his latest imaging, it was decided then by our medical team to dial his rehab back to only partial weight bearing activities. He continues along that path,” Pelicans Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin said in a statement. “We also agreed that in order to put Zion in the best position to succeed, he will rehab away from the team at this time so he can focus on the task at hand.”

Zion needs to play in order to get back in shape.

But it’s looking like he won’t be back for a while. The NBA was counting on Zion to be a huge star, but his brief time in the NBA shows the man may have serious injury issues moving forward.

Damn shame.

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