Steelers Players Trolling Mike Tomlin Over USC Job

Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin was the subject of recent rumors that claimed he was being considered for the coaching job at USC.

Tomlin did not take too kindly to the rumors. He went off on a major rant, basically feeling like linking his name to a college job was beneath him.

“I don’t have time for that speculation,” Tomlin said. “That’s a joke to me. I’ve got one of the best jobs in all of professional sport, why would I have any interest in coaching college football? That’ll be the last time I address it. And not only today, but moving forward. Never say never, but never.”

Steelers players have been trolling Tomlin by wearing USC gear and trying to play the school’s fight song after he hilariously denied the rumors.

Cameron Heyward told Rich Eisen some Steelers teammates have been trolling their head coach with USC gear at practice.

“Coach T is locked in and he’s not looking for a quick out,” said Heyward on Monday. “He thinks he has the greatest job and we know it every single day. He appreciates every moment.”

“So when you say it didn’t land in the locker room, nobody was talking about it? Nobody had to hear what Tomlin had to say? Or that does not come up?” asked Eisen.

“Now, we do our own things where we like to screw with Coach T,” Heyward responded. “Whether it’s Ben wearing USC gloves during a meeting… [laughter] Ben wore his USC gloves in a media interview. You know, there’s subtle things we do here and there. I think one time we were going to play the USC song during our warm-up, but I think that got nixed pretty quick.”

Big Ben also took some shots.

Tomlin’s reaction was definitely crazy, so this is actually the best way to diffuse the situation.

A good ole fashion ribbing never hurt anyone.

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