Andy Dalton Reacts To The Bears Drafting Justin Fields

Chicago Bears fans were very unhappy when the team settled on bringing in veteran Andy Dalton to be their quarterback in 2021. But all that animosity turned to joy when the team traded up in the NFL Draft to select Ohio State QB Justin Fields.

While the Bears still say that Andy Dalton will be their starter come Week One, it’s only a matter of time before Fields takes the job.

During media availability on Wednesday, Andy Dalton opened up on his feelings towards this season, and (of course) on his feelings when the bears selected Justin Fields.

“I knew the situation I was going into, regardless of if they drafted somebody or they didn’t,” Andy Dalton said during a presser today. “I was on a one-year deal and I was going to be the starter. My mindset didn’t have to change.”


Andy Dalton claimed he had no hard feeling when the Bears decided to draft Justin Fields.

“I already knew that I’m going to do everything I can to be the best player I can for this team and to help us win a lot of football games… Whatever happens after this year happens. But my mindset didn’t change because they drafted Justin.”

While Andy Dalton is saying all the right things, there’s no way he wasn’t disappointed in the slightest bit after the Justin Fields pick.

Now, when Dalton struggles at all (and he likely will) fans will be calling for Justin Fields to start. Hell, fans are already calling for Fields.

Andy Dalton is a pro’s pro, but he’s just a place holder for Fields. And he probably won’t have his job for too long.

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