Rex Ryan Speaks On His Foot Fetish While Talking Aaron Rodgers’ Toe Injury

If there’s anyone who knows about feet, it’s former NFL Coach Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan clowned himself and his foot fetish during Monday’s edition of ‘Get Up’ on ESPN. The former NFL coach joked he was an expert on toes while discussing Aaron Rodgers’ injury.

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Rex Ryan started a segment on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ about Aaron Rodgers’ toe injury and jokingly said, “listen, I’m a toe expert.” Interestingly enough, Rodgers actually trolled Ryan and his foot fetish a few weeks ago.

Ryan Clark couldn’t control himself and had to walk off the set while laughing.

All the way back in 2010 videos of Rex Ryan’s now infamous foot fetish surfaced.

In the video a woman who appeared to be his wife was engaging in some foot porn. And the guy in the video sounded a lot like Rex Ryan.

Sexy Rexy is a legend…in the foot fetish world for sure.

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