Podcast Star Sofia Franklyn Calls Out LeBron James For Cheating On His Wife

Sofia Franklyn is dishing the dirt on LeBron James in her latest podcast.

A recent claim by former “Call Her Daddy” podcast host Sofia Franklyn alleges that LeBron James not only cheats on Brinson, but he does so on the regular. The conversation began with a discussion about Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine’s alleged affair, but quickly pivoted to LeBron James and his cheating ways.

“Don’t be dumb,” she starts. “You are famous, Adam, you know how f-ng famous you are. You can be a little sly about it. Leonardo Dicaprio, I know for a fact, I mean, I’ve never been invited but my friends have. He goes out, and his bodyguards or whatever go up to the girls, ask them if they want to go back to his house or wherever. They sign an NDA. LeBron James, same shit. Should I be outing all these people?”

Watch Sofia Franklyn explain below:

@sofiafranklyn If ur gonna cheat.. at least have some respect and LOWER UR FUCKING VOICE ADAM #lebronjames #leonardodicaprio #cheater #adamlevine ♬ original sound – Sofia Franklyn

Then someone off camera asks what James did. To which Franklyn responds goes into detail.

“LeBron James has various parties, constantly where NDAs need to be signed and women are at. You didn’t know that? You didn’t know LeBron’s a cheetah?”

As LeBron James’ NBA career has skyrocketed through the years, the basketball legend has made it abundantly clear that he’d be “absolutely nothing” without his queen in his corner. Savannah James is  businesswoman and philanthropist who has been by LeBron’s side since the couple met in high school. Talk about ride or die.

Someone would say it’s good to be the most famous athlete on the planet, but if you are interested in doing things and keeping them secret, well it’s not that great to be uber famous.

LeBron has been accused of cheating throughout his entire career, yet no one has really come to the table with any real proof.

But you can’t blame us for reporting on a little LeBron side action, allegedly.

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