Nick Bosa’s Girlfriend Jenna Berman Attacks Gwen Berry Over National Anthem Protest

Nick Bosa’s girlfriend sounds off. Gwen Berry continues to be a lightning rod of controversy following her National Anthem protest over the last several days. Everyone is weighing in on her protest, and IG model Jenna Berman is the latest on social media to take shots at her. In case you’re unfamiliar with Jenna Berman, she’s the girlfriend of NFL star Nick Bosa.

Bosa made things official with Berman back in March.



Bosa’s girlfriend took to her Instagram story to take a swipe at Gwen Berry.

“If the flag is so repulsive to you that you cannot tolerate the anthem during competition to represent that flag, why are you even representing your country in the first place? Wouldn’t the ultimate protest just be to decline the spot? Gwen Berry should stay home.”

Bosa has a history when it comes to the Anthem too:

Berry was recently quoted as saying she doesn’t hate the USA, even though she protests the Anthem.

Looks like Bosa and Berman are a match made in protest heaven.

Check out more of Bosa’s outspoken girlfriend below:

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