NFL Makes an Example of Hurt Broncos Star in Memo

Denver Broncos right tackle Ja’Wuan James suffered an Achilles tear on Tuesday, which could pretty much be a death sentence for an athlete in the prime of their career. James might be out $10 million because of the injury. He suffered the tear while working out away from team facilities. This would legally allow the Broncos to void his otherwise fully guaranteed contract.

The NFL sent out a memo on Wednesday reminding teams and players that the Broncos don’t owe James a cent of his salary.


See below:

The off-site injury voids his guaranteed money, and the NFL made sure to hammer the point home with this memo on Wednesday:

“Injuries sustained while a player is working out ‘on his own’ in a location other than an NFL facility are considered ‘Non-Football Injuries’ and are outside the scope of a typical skill, injury and cap guarantee. Such injuries are also not covered by the protections found in paragraph 9 of the NFL Player Contract, meaning that clubs have no contractual obligation to provide salary continuation during the year the injury was sustained.”

The memo continues:

“According to media coverage, several players have expressed surprise that Mr. James’ injury was not covered by his Injury Guarantee, although this point has been made frequently in our discussions with the NFLPA about the offseason program.”

Patrick Mahomes tweeted about it:


A player should be rewarded for working out on his own in order to be ready for the season.

Hopefully the Broncos don’t screw this guy over for trying to stay in shape.

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