NBA Star Meets ICU Nurse Who Wore His Jersey to Work

ICU nurse Shelby Delaney finally got to meet Stephen Curry. Delaney and her husband were gifted courtside seats for the Golden State Warriors’ win against the Sacramento Kings at the Chase Center on Sunday. After the game, Curry stopped by to talk with the couple and signed his jersey for them before taking off.

“I’d always dreamed of talking to him, mostly to thank him, because he really has made such an impact on my life and how I carry myself,” Delaney told The Associated Press before the game.

“It kind of helped me, the whole ‘I can do all things,’ but also the way he believes that and the way he lives his life is through that, with joy and love. So he really inspired me. Watching him when I started nursing, in my early 20s, which is a hard time to be alive, when you’re in your early 20s it’s difficult, but doing it in the ICU, I was always like, ‘I can’t do this,’ so he carried through that and stuff I had going on personally with my family.”

Delaney started wearing her Curry jersey to work and wrote his motto from the Bible, “I can do all things” on the collar. She posted a photo of her in her hospital protective gear and the Curry jersey to Facebook, and it quickly went viral.

Days later, Curry FaceTimed her and her coworkers to thank them.

“I can’t thank God enough for what you’re doing,” Curry told Delaney and her co-workers. “Just the sacrifice, selflessness, the way that everybody is coming together, thank you so much for just what you do, your heart, and the inspiration y’all are providing for everybody.”

Pretty cool it all came back full circle.

Props to all the ICU staff who helped us get thru this pandemic.

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