Matt Leinart Got Destroyed After Tweeting About Restaurants Closing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles county has decided to close down all restaurants for indoor and outdoor dining for the next three weeks starting this Wednesday. One Los Angeles resident was clearly not happy, and he decided to  let everyone know just how upset he was.

Former USC Quarterback Matt Leinart went to Twitter to vent,  and in doing so, immediately got hammered for his insensitive stance. He also threatened to move out of Los Angeles.

Leinart probably realized quickly after posting he’d made a mistake, because now the tweet has been deleted.


We still have a few responses below:

The very fact that Leinart deleted his tweet is all you need to know. Hard to understand why someone like Leinart who has all  the resources in the world is complaining about restaurants being closed. If he’s so worried about small businesses, put your money where your mouth is.

Until then let the experts do their jobs.

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