LSU Very Clearly Ripped Off Their Brian Kelly Hype Video From What Notre Dame Did 12 Years Ago

Like any school would, LSU put together a whole hype video when it was announced that Brian Kelly was leaving Notre Dame to head south to The Bayou.

But somehow, they thought they wouldn’t get caught using basically the same exact frames that Notre Dame did when they first hired him as head coach 12 years ago.

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Check out a side by side video of LSU’s Brian Kelly hype video compared to Notre Dame’s and be the judge for yourself:


I mean, that Brian Kelly hype video has to be the most blatant form of copying I have ever seen in my entire life.

Many people swarmed the internet to ask the question we’re all thinking: isn’t LSU guilty of copyright infringement here?

Ok, I guess it’s not technically illegal. But it’s still crazy that the entire production team at LSU couldn’t have done something a little bit more original after Brian Kelly got the job.

After all, part of the reason why Kelly left the Irish is because LSU is apparently supposed to have way better resources.

So the team will now have to got through the embarrassment of the entire internet knowing the ripped off Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly video.

But with the internet these days, did they really think no one was gonna notice?

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