Knicks Fans Were Dropping F-Bombs Chants on Christmas

Knicks fans still have a bone to pick with Trae Young, and the Knickerbocker faithful decided to share that message on Christmas Day. Knicks fans had a “F*CK Trae Young” chant for their archenemy on Christmas Day.

Fans at Madison Square Garden began the chant early in the 4th quarter of the Knicks 101-87 easy win over the Atlanta Hawks.

The funniest part of the whole thing was Trae Young wasn’t even in the building. Young is currently in the NBA’s COVID-19 protocol.

Watch below:

Trae Young definitely lives rent free in Knicks fan’s head.

He’s their new Reggie Miller.

It’s almost like Knicks fans need a villain in order to have a good time at a game.

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