Kelly Stafford Trolls NBC By Taking Picture With Woman Who The Broadcast Incorrectly Showed As Matt’s Wife

While Matthew Stafford was picking apart the Bears On Sunday Night Football, the NBC coverage showed a woman in the stands who they thought was the QB’s wife, Kelly Stafford.

Unfortunately, they had the wrong woman.



In a savage move, Kelly Stafford found the woman who Al Michaels wrongly called Matthew Stafford’s wife and took a hilarious picture.

Kelly Stafford was undoubtedly on cloud nine watching Matthew Stafford play for a Super Bowl contender after all those years spent wasted with the Detroit Lions.

During the 34-14 win over the Bears, Stafford completed 20 of 26 passes for 321 yards and three touchdowns.

While he’ll likely be playing a lot of prime time games this season, it’ll be incumbent on national broadcast teams to figure out who the real Kelly Stafford is.

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