Manchester United’s ‘Sexiest Fan’ Katrina Maria Is helping The Team Pursue Cristiano Ronaldo

The woman dubbed as Manchester United’s ‘sexiest fan’ Katrina Maria is all-in on the Reds’ pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Maria has been using her Instagram platform all Winter to weigh in on the team’s offseason moves, and she has started to ramp up her courting of Ronaldo recently.

To Katrina Maria’s delight, reports on Friday have indicated that Manchester United is ‘confident’ in their pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo.


Katrina Maria doubled down on her Cristiano Ronaldo excitement after the reports began to surface.

Perhaps Katrina Maria will be in full celebration mode soon

Cristiano Ronaldo began his illustrious career as a member of Manchester United, and fans would absolutely lose their minds if he ended up landing back home.

Just yesterday, it was reported that Ronaldo was close to a deal with Man U’s bitter rival, Manchester City.

But it feels as if the tables have turned on Friday, and Manchester United now has a leg up in the Cristiano Ronaldo sweepstakes.

It feels like we could have some internet-breaking news on Ronaldo any second now, and we’ll await and more news.

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