Lane Kiffin Shoots His Shot with Katy Perry Ahead Of Ole Miss Home-Opener

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so why not take that shot. That’s the mentality of Lane Kiffin. Ahead of Ole Miss’ home-opener this week, head coach Lane Kiffin addressed Rebel Nation to pack the stadium on Saturday night. Kiffin also called out to pop star Katy Perry. Kiffin is asking Katy Perry to make an appearance for the big home game.

See Kiffin’s message below:

Twitter reacted to Kiffin tagging Pop Star Katy Perry:

If this video proves anything it’s Kiffin needs to work on his delivery.

He’s a little too wooden to get hyped about.

Katy probably needs to see a little more enthusiasm if she’s going to cancel her Vegas residency to attend a college football game.

Nice try Lane.

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