Justise Winslow Is Starting To Think About An OnlyFans Membership In The Orlando NBA Bubble

We’ve previously debated the male human needs of NBA players in the Orlando NBA bubble. Stephen A. Smith thinks they’ll do something between going insane or spontaneously combusting without women. Webcam sites think they’ll just need to spend more time embracing cam girls. And now relatively new Memphis Grizzlies wing Justise Winslow has learned where he falls in the spectrum. He’s an OnlyFans guy:

There’s a girl I know who just this week upgraded to a much better apartment because of her OnlyFans earnings. It’s not a game on there for girls willing to get a little risqué while marketing to their social media followings.

And that’s BEFORE the NBA players get on board. Sure, a lot of them will think they deserve freebies because they’re famous and can fly these girls to all sorts of exotic or cool locales. But the OnlyFans business is a business with no handouts (handys, possibly. Handouts? No). But NBA dudes with active Instagram accounts and millions of dollars in the freelance porn budget? That’s a whole marketplace these OnlyFans gals weren’t even ready for. They’ve been bleeding the Reddit simp types dry of their allowances and call center manager income. Now they can market to guys who own multiple luxury automobiles that they don’t even drive?

It’s a real boon to the side hustle sex worker economy. Bless Justise Winslow and all the NBA players who put all this fresh money into the buttholes for pay economy. It’s more of a stimulus than any of us are going to get despite the financial and emotional bloodletting that 2020 has represented.

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