Trevor Bauer Celebrates The Verdict In Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial

Trevor Bauer remains exiled from the MLB, and he saw the highly-public Johnny Depp trial as a good example of what he’s going through right now.

On Wednesday, it was announced that a grand jury found Amber Heard guilty in the defamation trial against her former partner, Depp.

According to Johnny Depp, he was accused of abuse by Amber Heard, which led to loss of reputation along with monetary ramifications.

Trevor Bauer, feeling like he shares many similarities with Johnny Depp, took to social media to celebrate the verdict.

“It took four years of torching Johnny Depp’s reputation over false allegations of abuse to get to today, but he has finally been vindicated. Thank you to the jurors in this case for rightfully holding Amber Heard accountable for defamation,” Bauer wrote to social media.

Trevor Bauer had the sexual assault charges against him dropped. But still, the MLB slapped sown a full year-long suspension following their own, separate trial.

Perhaps Bauer is now going to consider starting his own defamation suit against the woman who alleged some terrible things about him during a sexual encounter.

Either way, it feels like we’ll be hearing plenty more from Trevor Bauer during his suspension.

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