Former James Harden Teammate Drops Another Rumor About Brooklyn Nets Star

The James Harden rumor mill is churning this week.

A rumor from earlier this week already suggested that Harden may not be happy in Brooklyn for a few different reasons. Kyrie even posted some cryptic messages following that rumor leaking.

Now we have another James Harden rumor.

Former James Harden teammate Kendrick Perkins appeared this week on Showtime’s “All The Smoke” and had another rumor about the Brooklyn Nets star Harden.

“James Harden didn’t sign his contract extension,” said Perkins. “He didn’t sign it. He was supposed to sign it … Now James Harden’s camp was telling people in Philly, ‘We wanna come play with [Joel] Embiid next year.’ This ain’t no lie, this facts.”

Harden and Embiid would be a killer combo.

Harden can become a free agent this offseason if he turns down his $47.3 million player option for 2022-23.

That’s a lot of guaranteed money to turn down but if things are as bad for him in Brooklyn as reported, I can totally see him looking to get to Philly ASAP.

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