Ezekiel Elliott Alleged Dog Bite Attack Video Has Been Released

Dallas Cowboys superstar running back Ezekiel Elliott is smack dab in the middle of the dog days of summer. New surveillance video has surfaced that has the sound of a woman screaming and begging for help as the dogs of Dallas Cowboys star RB Ezekiel Elliott allegedly attacked her in her own backyard last May.

Via TMZ:

“The footage is part of a “dangerous dog” case file on Elliott’s Rottweiler, Ace … and, according to both witnesses and officials in court documents, it shows how Ace and two of the NFL star’s other dogs escaped the running back’s Frisco, Texas home on May 20 and terrorized neighbors.

The clips — totaling around 90 seconds — appear to show a landscaper leaving Elliott’s side gate open while exiting the Dallas Cowboys player’s property on May 19.

It appears the gate stayed open all night long and into the morning of May 20, when Elliott’s dogs are seen walking through it and into the neighborhood.”

Watch below:


Over the weekend, Zeke’s attorney Frank Salzano gave the following statement.

“Mr. Elliott and his representatives are aware of the lawsuit filed on July 30th, which stems from a previously reported incident from May 21st of this year. As Mr. Elliott expressed at that time, he was – and remains concerned – for the party involved.”

“However, as in most disputes, there are extenuating circumstances to this matter which will impact the legal proceedings which we are not at liberty to disclose. As such, we have no further comment at this time.”

The Cowboys running back was issued three citations over the incident.

Maybe it’s best for Zeke not to have any pets…

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