Dr. Anthony Fauci Delivers First Pitch for the Ages on Opening Day

Dr. Anthony Fauci probably never envisioned being such a public figure in his lifetime, but here he is throwing out the first pitch on MLB’s Opening Day on July 23. Let’s be clear that Dr. Fauci is not a young man (79 years old) and outside of Bartolo Colon, we haven’t seen too many 75+ year olds throw a baseball with any sort of significant velocity or accuracy.

Noted as being a former basketball player, maybe expectations were too high in Dr. Fauci’s pitching debut, but here we go.

Angel Hernandez actually called this one a strike, but to many viewers the pitch was a bit low and outside.

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Now this isn’t even close to the worst first pitch that we have seen in recent memory which include:

50 Cent


This White Sox staffer

and the former Mayor of Cincinnati, Mark Mallory

There have been better lists to be a part of.

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