NFL Writer Pleads With Roger Goodell To Ban Jackson Mahomes From All Games

Patrick Mahomes brother, Jackson, Mahomes, has created quite a reputation for himself by creating TikTok on the sidelines during most games Patrick plays in. And with the added attention has come a whole lot of hate.

During the Broncos game last week, Patrick’s brother was subjected to a homophobic slur from a fan sitting near him.

When he posted some of his TikToks from the game, a Dolphins beat reporter openly asked with Roger Goodell to ban Jackson Mahomes from all NFL games in the future.

Fans reacted to the Jackson Mahomes idea.

Despite a lot of fans wishes, Jackson Mahomes will likely continue his sidelines routine for many years to come.

Luckily for him, he’ll get to do the dances from the comfort of Kansas City next week – as the Steelers are set to come to town to take on the Chiefs in the Wild Card Round.

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