Deshaun Watson’s Texts With Latest Accuser May Show a ‘Case of Unrequited Love’

Deshaun Watson is back in the news.

Deshaun Watson’s team is doing whatever it can to combat his most recent sexual misconduct lawsuit that was filed against the Cleveland Browns quarterback. An October 13th lawsuit  alleges that Deshaun Watson forced a woman into performing oral sex at a Houston hotel back in December 2020.  Attorney Rusty Hardin  released screenshots of text messages from the accuser which supposedly prove that it was her who was chasing after Watson.

These text messages were allegedly sent to Deshaun Watson after the hotel incident via Brent Schrotenboer of USA TODAY.

“The documents (the woman) provided reflect that for nearly a year after their massage session together, (the woman) sent more than 35 messages to Mr. Watson—none of which were answered by Mr. Watson,” Hardin states.

Below is one of the screenshots of the said text messages:

Watson’s camp further alleged that the accuser has no legal basis for her claims, and that her lawyers should be penalized for filing a “sham lawsuit:”

“This evidence undeniably establishes that while this may be a case of unrequited love, under no stretch of the imagination is this a case of assault,” Hardin stated. “Had (the woman’s law firm) performed even the most cursory investigation, it would have confirmed that fact.”

According to the lawyer of Deshaun Watson, the accuser had already raised her claim to local police, but there wasn’t enough to warrant any kind of filing. Hardin also stated that the league is up to speed with regard to this case:

“Likewise, NFL investigators were fully aware of (the woman’s) allegations and chose not to base their findings on any of her uncredible contentions,” Hardin’s filing states.

This is the 26th case filed against Deshaun Watson over sexual misconduct. 23 have been settled out of court, while two, including this one, remain active.

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