Playboy Model Luana Sandien Bid $600,000 on Lionel Messi Handkerchief So She Could Pose Naked With It

Playboy Model Luana Sandien is all about Lionel Messi memorabilia. Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona had plenty feeling a certain type of way, it was truly a shocking moment for Messi and soccer fans alike. Messi too was very emotional, and in his press conference bidding a farewell to Barcelona, the soccer superstar was all chocked up. He was so upset he even used a handkerchief to wipe away his tears.

Lifelong Barcelona fan and Playboy model, Luana Sandien, claims to have bid on the handkerchief.

Had she had won the auction, which probably didn’t happen, she was going to pose naked with the handkerchief.

Via Sun:

And when Playboy model Luana Sandien spotted the item online she jumped at the chance to buy it.

She said: “I bid $600,000 [£438,000] to get the Messi handkerchief gone, after that the ad disappeared.

“I gave more than half the advertised amount believing I would win, but the ad disappeared after my bid, out of nowhere.

“The ad went off the air without giving more information about the outcome of the case, so we don’t know if anyone bought the artefact, or if the advertiser gave up on the idea.

“I hope I made it.”

It’s not yet clear whether Brazilian beauty Sandien has been successful in her bid for the handkerchief, which she plans to ‘pose naked’ with if the offer is accepted.

This is just another example of why soccer is the world’s most popular sport.

The fanbase is absolutely fanatical. See another example below:

Check out more of Playboy model Luana below:

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