Dak Prescott’s Brother Reacts to Cowboys Trading Amari Cooper

Dak Prescott’s brother is never shy about sharing his opinion.

The Dallas Cowboys traded wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns for draft picks over the weekend, unloading some money in process. The move to save money didn’t go over so well with Dak Prescott’s brother Tad.

Tad took to Twitter to blast the Cowboys for their decision to get rid of Dak’s #1 target. Cooper wasn’t happy with his role during the second half of the season, and his stats certainly reflect that. Apparently Dak was still a fan.

Tad listed off some stats:

You gotta figure Dak is probably in agreement with his brother, or why else would he tweet that. Dak isn’t allowed to voice his unfettered opinion without some backlash, so why not let your brother complain when you really can’t.

But this is what happens when you pay Dak and Zeke all that money, someone has to go.

Of course no one wants Zeke, or else they would have traded him years ago. Truth is Dak is a lot different QB without Cooper, we’ll see if it shows next season.

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