Charissa Thompson Calls Out Lions Coach For Hitting On Her Ahead of Interview

Another Lions Head Coach taking an L.

Being a sideline reporter isn’t always easy.

No one knows this more than Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson, who have both admitted to having to improvise after speaking to NFL coaches during games.

Andrews and Thompson each gave hilarious examples of having to make things up on the spot. Charissa Thompson even decided to call out a Lions coach, who allegedly hit on her during an interview.

Thompson shared a specific example of having to make things up on the fly after a Lions coach hit on her ahead of the interview.

Via NY Post:

“I was like ‘oh coach what adjustments are you gonna make at halftime?’ The Lion Coach responded:  ‘that’s a great perfume you’re wearing.’ I was like ‘oh f–k, this isn’t gonna work.’ I’m not kidding, I made up a report,” Thompson explained.

She was referencing a game she covered during Detroit’s 0-16 season in 2008.

At the time the head coach of the Lions was Rod Marinelli.

When you’re in the middle of an 0-16 season you should be focusing on football, not hitting on a sideline reporter.

Mrs. Marinelli is not going to be very happy with Rod when she hears about this story.

Shooting your shot with Charissa is a risky proposition.

Check out more of the woman Rod risked it all for below:

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