The “First Take” Guys Are Already Ready For Justin Fields To Force His Way Out Of Chicago

Justin Fields’ first start as a member of the Chicago Bears went about just as poorly as it possibly could have.

Not only was the rookie sacked nine times by a stout Cleveland Browns front, but the offense as a whole simply could not move the ball a lick. And the entire game just exposed the terrible offensive issues the Bears currently have.

All of that starts with Matt Nagy – who the Bears brought in four years ago to try to bring some life to a dormant offense. But looking back it’s easy to see that the coach has done just the opposite.


A seemingly non-existent game plan culminated in a disastrous first appearance for the overhyped Justin Fields, which has led to Bears fans and members of the national media calling for Nagy to be fired.

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky even went on a limb to say that Fields should force a trade if Matt Nagy isn’t shown the door by the Bears.

Dan Orlovsky was more critical than anyone of Matt Nagy’s game plan for Justin Fields against the Browns. And he hasn’t changed his tune as the week has progressed.

When meeting with the media on Wednesday, Nagy revealed that a decision has still not been made for the team’s starting quarterback against the Lions on Sunday. But if Andy Dalton is healthy, he remains QB1.

Justin Fields will not force his way out of Chicago any time soon. But the longer he has to work with Matt Nagy, the longer the Bears may be wasting an important year in his development.

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