Chargers WR Keenan Allen Breaks Silence Over NFL Network’s Top 100 Players For 2020 And Calls Out Several Other Elite Receivers

Cal alum and Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen is preparing for his eighth NFL season. NFL Network has him ranked as the 77th overall player entering the 2020 season. That is a significant drop from his 2019 ranking of 38th overall. We know from Madden that these players don’t react well to getting snubbed by the ratings, and you better believe the Chargers receiver has something to say about it.

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There is nothing I love more than a little interleague drama. The Chargers have a little bit of uncertainty in the quarterback room entering the 2020 season. With the departure of veteran QB Philip Rivers, Tyrod Taylor and Oregon rookie Justin Herbert will compete for the starting job. Making a change at quarterback is always tough for an offensive-minded team. However, 77th overall is still a criminal ranking for an elite receiver like Allen.

The one deterrent for Keenan is that he has proven to be injury-prone. Allen missed 23 games between the 2015 and 2016 NFL season. Missing that many games will have a significant impact on volume statistics. Regardless, let’s take a look at how the Chargers receiver stacks up against Mike Evans. I’ll use one of my favorite tools to do so: The blind comparison.

Receiver A – 462 receptions, 7,260 yards, and 48 touchdowns (6 seasons)

Receiver B – 524 receptions, 6,405 yards, and 34 touchdowns (7 seasons)

If you remember, I previously mentioned that Allen is entering his eighth season with the Chargers. So it should have been pretty easy to identify him as Receiver B. The two’s numbers are very comparable. Although, there are several biases. Allen has played an additional season, but he has been sidelined with injury for nearly a season and a half. Allen has also had Philip Rivers as his quarterback his entire career with the Chargers, who has more kids per year than passing touchdowns. That’s obviously hyperbole, but if it were possible Rivers would be the one to do it.

So who will have the better career: Evans or Allen? It’s tough to say at this point. Evans has the addition of Tom Brady to look forward to in Tampa. However, there is also Chris Godwin and Rob Gronkowski who will take away from his volume. The Chargers have somewhat of a question mark at quarterback, but if healthy Allen shouldn’t see much of a target reduction. One thing is for certain: Keenan Allen does not belong outside of the top 50.

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