Byron Leftwich Reportedly Has One Big Ask Before He Takes The Jaguars Head Coach Job

Earlier in the week, it appeared that the Jaguars were close to bringing in former first-round quarterback, Byron Leftwich, to be their next head coach.

Leftwich has been Tom Brady’s offensive coordinator in Tampa Bay for the past two seasons. And according to multiple reports, the Jags deal was all but done.

But for whatever reason, the Jaguars still have not named Byron Leftwich their next head coach yet. And other teams are starting to pick their new coach (Broncos hired Nathaniel Hackett and Bears hired Matt Eberflus on Thursday morning). So what’s the hold up with Leftwich?

According to a report, Leftwich won’t take the Jaguars job if they retain Trent Baalke as their general manager.

Byron Leftwich has a pretty good situation as it stands. And being as he’s only 40 years old, he’d likely have more opportunities to be a head coach in the future.

So for now, he’s going to be picky. And if he can’t see himself working hand-in-hand with Trent Baalke on a daily basis, then why would he agree to join to Jaguars?

Many fans, former players, and members of the media were calling for Jaguars ownership to send Trent Baalke packing with Urban Meyer. And it looks like Byron Leftwich shares that sentiment with the masses.

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