Trevor Bauer To Face Accuser In Court This Week

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has been away from the team for an extended period of time while he’s being investigated for sexual assault.

According to his accuser’s lawsuit, Bauer choked her unconscious and repeatedly punched her during sex. The woman claims that she did not consent to the abuse, while Bauer maintains that everything done was completely consensual.


According to ESPN, Trevor Bauer is expected in court this week to face his accuser’s restraining order request.

The legal proceeding will determine whether the temporary restraining order will be terminated or extended.

“There is a lot riding on this three- or four-day hearing,” said David Ring, an attorney who has represented sexual assault victims for more than two decades. “It’s a simple legal issue, but it’s ballooned into something way bigger.

The woman’s petition claims that she has “not asked him to stop contacting me because I fear what he will do.”

Trevor Bauer’s legal team released a statement on the restraining order.

“She filed the request for a domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) nearly 45 days after her last visit with Respondent — a fact that shows she did not need protection — only after she concluded that the criminal investigation was not proceeding quickly enough to harm Respondent,” the filing said.

We’ll await the court’s decision on the restraining order, which could have a major impact on the criminal case itself.

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