Brian Flores And Tua Tagovailoa Reportedly Got Into Shouting Match Prior To The Coach Getting Fired

Did Tua Tagovailoa have something to do with Brian Flores getting fired?

Earlier in the week, the NFL world was shocked to find out that the Dolphins were moving on from Flores after his successful three seasons on the job.

According a a column by South Florida Sun-Sentinel reporter Dave Hyde, there may have been more to the Brian Flores firing then what meets the eye.

According to Hyde, Flores and Tua Tagovailoa got into a shouting match during halftime of one of their games during the season.

Per the column:

“It started at halftime with a meltdown in the locker room as their season melted down on the field. Coach Brian Flores was angry at quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s dismal half. He said things. Tua said things back.

Anger flew. The f-word – gasp – was traded. Tua said something about Flores not knowing how to talk to people. Flores said something about needing better bleeping play.”

Despite Brian Flores publicly standing by Tua Tagovailoa throughout the season, rumors were flying around all year that there were internal discussions centered around trading for Deshaun Watson.

It’s hard to pin the entire firsting on one supposed story. After all, coaches and star players get into altercations all the time, right?

However, it’s a common theme among reporters that Brian Flores’ Achilles heel is his ability to connect with his locker room. And apparently, his demeanor didn’t sit right with Tua Tagovailoa.

We’ll see if either guy comes out to dispute this story.

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