Original NFL Protestor Eric Reid Called Out The 49ers As ‘Hypocrites’ For Their #BlackoutTuesday Social Media

Eric Reid followed up his salvo on the 49ers with this tweet, a 1-2 combo on the team that squeezed he and fellow NFL protestor Colin Kaepernick out:

Reid, currently a free agent after spending the last few years in Carolina, also called out a few other teams specifically for their participation in #BlackoutTuesday:

It’s unclear what the Bears, Falcons, Cardinals and Texans did to warrant the specific non-shoutout (the Texans’ coded racism towards DeAndre Hopkins notwithstanding) but I’m sure Reid has his reasons.

Either way, it’s tough to top the bad will that the 49ers earned themselves with how quickly they moved on from both Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid during their launch of peaceful protests in the NFL. Reid clearly hasn’t forgotten, even if the league may be inclined to forget him after he had the balls to call them out once again.

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