The Woman Who Flashed Gerrit Cole At Last Year’s World Series Is Back To Sexily Haunt Him In Baseball’s Return

Last October, model and ShagMag founder Julia Rose burst onto the scene with a very simple attention getter: She flashed Gerrit Cole and national TV during Game 5 of the World Series (NSFW).

Much like every artist, she must continue to evolve her art that largely revolves around monetizing nudity. But even as ShagMag and Julia Rose’s canvas may change, she can’t forget what brought her to the dance. And that means embracing the neverending bond that Gerrit Cole and her titties will share forever:

It’s sad to hear that Gerrit Cole blocked her, though I do support his right to consent vis a vis boobs. Maybe it’s one of those esoteric and outdated Yankees rules like shaving facial hair that you have to block and unfollow anyone who displays their nude body to you during a baseball game.

But it’s hard to argue these two wouldn’t be forever intertwined after that Game 5 moment. Julia Rose’s breasts and Gerrit Cole are like the Joker and Batman, destined to do this dance forever. And Julia Rose’s nude body has one question for Gerrit Cole:

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