Bol Bol Flirts With A Triple Double In Bubble Debut And Then Gets Asked To Submit A Random Drug Test

Denver Nuggets Center Bol Bol took the floor for the first time this season in Wednesday’s scrimmage with the Washington Wizards. His performance was absolutely stellar. The man nearly posted a triple-double…with 6 blocks! Bol was all over the court in Denver’s win over Washington in the bubble. In fact, he was so good that the NBA scheduled a random drug test after the game.

I mean, come on NBA. Let the man celebrate a small victory and a big step towards a very bright future. Bol getting rewarded with a drug test after an outstanding debut is a major slap in the face. This is the NBA, not the No Fun League. Killing someone’s vibe should be a federal crime. There is no better way to do that than asking someone to piss in a cup. Unless, of course, you’ve been on the highway for hours and there isn’t a rest stop for miles. Letting out that golden stream you’ve been holding in is the exact opposite of a buzzkill, it almost gives you a little high. If your buddy gives you the green light to pee in a bottle in their car you should thank him (or her).

The Nuggets already play about 25 different guys on a nightly basis. Adding Bol Bol to the rotation makes them even more dangerous. He’s so good they had to name him twice. Another thing to be noted is that the Nuggets put a starting five on the floor Wednesday with an average height of nearly 6’10”. And that’s without their young star power forward Michael Porter Jr (6’10”). I am 100% rooting for a starting lineup with skinny Jokic, Bol Bol, and MPJ. These Western Conference teams have really gotten my attention in the bubble. Don’t sleep on the Miami Heat to come out of the East though.

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