Bill Walton Is Seemingly High As A Kite While Calling The Maui Invitational

Bill Walton is back, college hoops fans enjoying the Maui Invitational can rejoice.

2020 has been a year with a lot of change, but there was something comforting about turning on the Maui Invitational in the middle of the day and hearing Bill Walton talking nonsense. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Say what you will about Walton as an announcer, but he is one entertaining man. Year after year, he just seems to be very high at this tournament. Just listen to him.

For some reason, Bill Walton thought that Kevin Garnett went to Texas. Garnett went to the NBA straight out of high school. Walton obviously had some more hilarious moments throughout this game.

“I am in our solar system, sitting atop a mountain. On Mars,” Walton says when he’s asked where he’s calling the game from. Walton also compared Illinois basketball to watching Shaq and Kobe.

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Bill Walton is truly a national treasure, I don’t care what anyone says. 2020 cannot slow him from making me feel like I’m at a Grateful Dead concert instead of watching a scrappy basketball game during the day on a Monday.

Never change Bill Walton. Never change.

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